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Articles by Allen

This page has links to some longer articles I've written over the years for Zen Bow, the publication of the Rochester Zen Center. The links here are to the full Zen Bow online issues, which contain many other articles, often giving different perspectives on a theme taken up in the issue.

Apr 2024, Zen Bow, Rochester Zen Center

This article reflects on the ways that conceptual frameworks impact us and can unconsciously drive or limit our actions in various directions. It also offers some perspectives on how on to manage the pressures to "Take a Side" in conflicts, such as some of the major wars happening in the world.

Sep 2016 - Zen Bow, Rochester Zen Center

A very personal piece about dealing with physical pain during long periods of sustained meditation in retreat settings.

Nov 2014, Zen Bow, Rochester Zen Center

An article about working with Sangha, aka the community of Buddhist practitioners, which is the "third jewel" of Buddhism's three jewels of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

Dec 2013, Zen Bow, Rochester Zen Center

A short personal article that (hopefully) humorously considers the many parts of ourselves which together contribute to making up of what we ordinarily call "the self."

Jan 2013, Zen Bow, Rochester Zen Center

A short article about the way that Zen sesshins (aka silent meditation retreats) help participants let go of the many ordinary and everyday decisions which usually consume their time and energy.

Nov 2012, Zen Bow, Rochester Zen Center

A personal reflection on how practicing Zen Buddhism can impact the people around us, and how the trappings of Buddhist practice and the Japanese trappings of Zen can be perceived by others.

Mar 2012, Zen Bow, Rochester Zen Center

An article considering the inextricable relationships between our eating choices and our ethics, and how those relationships and decisions might be informed by Zen Buddhist practice and precepts.

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