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Nyack Zen Group

The Nyack Zen Meditation Group meets weekly to do
Zen meditation and explore aspects of Zen practice.

The group is open to people of any spiritual beliefs, and beginners are welcome.

This group is always free.

Please call Allen beforehand at 845-851-0401 if you're joining us
for the very first time.

When:  Mondays 7:15pm to 8:45pm, every week

Where: Nyack American Legion Hall

             85 Piermont Avenue, Nyack, NY 10960


  • We begin as needed by going over posture, breath, and Zen meditation methods, and with any questions about meditation practice. There are often short readings from renowned ad respected Zen teachers (ancient and current) and teachers from other Buddhist traditions and non-Buddhist ones as well.

  • We then get settled into a comfortable, supported posture, paying careful attention that our bodies are aligned well. People sit in a variety of postures: in chairs, on cushions, or kneeling.

  • Once settled, we sit still in silence for 2 rounds of 20 minutes each with a short, silent 5-minute break in between, to walk or stretch.

  • We finish with time for sharing experiences or to ask questions.

  • Chairs, yoga mats, and yoga blankets are provided or feel free to bring your own cushions.

  • Please be 18 or older or accompanied by a guardian.

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