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Online / Zoom Meditation

All things being equal, it's best to meditate with others in-person if possible. It's a fuller, richer presence to physically be with our fellow meditators. Seeing their stillness while we are still, and hearing their breath along with our own, we literally join with each other, forming a group of which we are simultaneously both the whole and the part. 

But sometimes we can't be in-person, and given the choice of group meditation online or not at all, I'd choose online every time! If we're going to meditate with others online, there are some tips you might keep in mind, described on this page.

See the links below for other information and basic instructions about sitting breath meditations:

There are many reasons we might need to join a group meditation online instead of in-person, such as feeling under the weather and maybe contagious, or when bad weather makes travel difficult. When we find ourselves needing to join other meditators online, there are some things to keep in mind that can help make the experience be fuller, and go more smoothly. Some advice is listed below and I recommend doing the setup (both tech and space-wise) well in advance so that you don't feel rushed at the start of the meditation.

  • Choose your device and know your app and login info. This is just a practicality, but will help all go smoothly when you join in. This is extra important if it's the first time you've used the device or app for video calling.

  • Let other people know your plan. If you are sharing living space with others, let them know when and for how long you will be meditating, so they know not to interrupt you.

  • Find a spot to be in a comfortable posture. Consider how long the meditation will be, and choose a posture that works for the duration, whether cross-legged or with a bench or chair.

  • Position the device camera at your side, not straight-on. You don't want to be facing your device during meditation, it's an awkward thing to have filling your field of vision, and isn't great feng shui. Place the device to either side and as level as possible - angles from way below or way above are somewhat disorienting for others who will see you online.

  • Turn your seat to face the camera as needed. It can sometimes be easier to turn yourself towards and away from the device, rather than fumbling with the device. For example, you can face a wall or the center of the room while you meditate with the camera at your side, and then just turn your body to face the camera when it's time to speak and join in with others.

  • Do what's easiest! All of the above is just advice, ultimately do what's easiest for your specific situation, which is based on the particulars of your space, setting, how much room there is, and the device you'll be using. Good luck and enjoy the experience!

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